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Welcome Aviation Boatswain's Mates!
From the President
Greetings Fellow AB's;



Winter greetings from Pax River to all ABs far and near,

  Let me begin by thanking the San Diego ABMA Chapter for orchestrating a phenomenal and very productive symposium. Thank you all for your hard work and dedication to our organization!

  It’s a new year with a whole new set of goals and challenges to grow our organization, so all ABs young and old can benefit from what the ABMA has to offer. I'm a true believer that any successful organization must set goals and well defined objectives in order to serve the members of the organization to the best of our ability. The first goal is to globally communicate with our members. In this day and age, technology affords us the ability to communicate with all of our members wherever they may be located throughout the year. We are doing an outstanding job with Facebook and recognize that our website must be on par with that effort. My hopes are that soon we can even add Twitter to our repertoire, as one of our social media information sharing tools. Secondly is Membership, we must strive to propagate our organization. Membership is the heart beat of our organization, without members we become stagnant. We must inject and encourage new ideas from our sailors and make them a part of our organization and create an atmosphere that works for them. I challenge all members to recruit at least one person this year; this effort alone would double our membership.

  The ABMA Board of Directors and I have discussed different strategies to expand our activities, to enable more ABs to take leadership roles in OUR organization, and find ways in which to build a stronger community for all ABs. Stay tuned for volunteer opportunities to help us grow and thrive as a viable organization. The Naval Aviation Enterprise believes in us and we should as well, but it takes all of us to do our part. Thank you for those who have volunteered to serve! I would also encourage you to think of some potential ideas for strategic initiatives that the ABMA may perhaps carry out. If you have any ideas for considered initiatives suitable for our ABMA send me an email.

  Many articles have been written about leading from where you are. A fairly well-known phrase and utilized concept in today’s world. You don’t need a title to influence or positively guide decisions. Each one of us can “lead from where we are.” Leadership skills can be gained from every position and applied at any level. As you read this edition of our newsletter, you will find greetings from many different types of leaders within our organization, some of whom carry the title of chapter President, as well as those who are demonstrating leadership skills in a variety of other roles within the ABMA. Take a few minutes to consider the leaders around you, both those who have a title that denotes leadership and those who lead without a title. Consider what makes them leaders and think about how you might expand your current role to demonstrate greater leadership. The ABMA needs leaders! You don’t need a title or designated role that defines you as a leader. Leadership comes from within and guides our decisions to move forward in both large and small ways so that we can expand the organization we serve. Take a look around you and make a decision to lead from wherever you are today. Continue to mentor the young troops and bring them up in the ABMA. Your leadership can help build a better tomorrow. Thank you all for what you do, stay safe and keep leading from the front. ABs are unmatched and together we have a duty to stand proud and loud.


AB Pride is World Wide!

Your President LCDR Jaime Roman!




I want to thank Mr. Yaskin and the AB’s of the Great Northwest for an awesome job they did with this years Symposium/Professional Working Group Conference at the Silverdale Inn, Silverdale WA.  It takes allot of hard work and planning to host the event.  Outstanding job and well done!


The Tidewater Chapter under the Leadership of ABHCS Stumm is well into planning for the 2012 Symposium/Professional Working Group Conference, which will be held at the Marriott Chesapeake, 725 Woodlake Drive. Chesapeake, Va.  23320.  More info to follow at a later date.


I want to encourage all the Local Chapter Presidents to keep doing the hard work that you have been doing.  It does not go unnoticed and you are making a difference.  Thank you.  If you are doing something great or have found a creative way of impacting the Community please pass it to the others.  We are only as strong as our weakest link.  I plan to do a Conference call with the Chapter Presidents in the very near future.  I will e-mail time and access # for the call.  


This year we really need to show Honor to our Retirees for all the many sacrifices they have made for the ABMA and this grateful Nation.  Without them, many of us would have traveled down the wrong road.  Invite them out to lunch, take their photos and capture their stories.  Whatever you do, don’t allow their voice to go silent.  This information needs to get into the hands of Captain (Ret) McFarlane our AB Historian. 


Lastly, we want every AB Active and Retired to “Each one Reach one”.  This is a banner year for the Military and Naval Aviation.  We are Celebrating 100 Years of Naval Aviation and that would not be the case if it were not for the thousands of AB’s that have gone before us paving the way.  Talk to your young Sailors about our History, they will listen.  They want to feel the AB Pride that we all posses.  Let’s step up the Recruiting effort and get our young AB’s involved.   God Bless you.


                                                        LCDR Moss, ABMA President

2015 Working Group


August 10 2015- August 14, 2015 



The annual ABMA/ANA/TAILHOOK and WOA golf tournament which supports our ABMA college scholarship program will be held at NAS OCEANA on Friday, 08 May 2015. This is an extremely worthwhile event. The ABMA Scholarship fund has received between $2000 and $3000 dollars annually for the past six years but we have to continue to support this event in normal great "AB" fashion in order to continue receiving our share of proceeds.
What is new this year? You can now sign up your team and pay online (you can still mail in an application with check if you like).

There are a few items you need to know when filling out the forms:
1. Electronic form on website: In "comment" block you have to name all players in your foursome and that you are supporting the ABMA or if you are signing up and paying individually, who you want to play with in your foursome. If you don't have a foursome to play with atleast put that you are supporting the ABMA and they should group you with an AB team. *Recommend one person takes the lead and signs up their foursome up. **Your credit/debit card statement will read GiveDirect rather than Wings Over America when billed.
2. Mail in applications: Again ensure you write foursome names in spaces provided and that you are supporting the ABMA. If signing up individually, follow directions from electronic form like mentioned above.

Please note that in recent years, some afloat command MWR's have paid for foursomes that have attended our tournaments, so don't be afraid to ask them! So come out and enjoy a round of golf with your shipmates and help support our nation's future!!!



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